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Dr. Michael Rauch
Your Dorchester Chiropractor

People report feeling less pain, stiffness, and tension, in their spines and extremities (arms, hands, legs, and feet).People report feeling more ease, flexibility, and vitality, improved ease and range of motion, and improved rest, due to greater comfort.
Patients have told us:

 “I felt an improvement as soon as I got off the table. My pain was reduced by half.” - D.S.

I’ve had asthma all my life. Now I can breathe more easily.” - M.C.

“My blood pressure was lower at my last medical check-up. My doctor is pleased, and I am relieved.” - H.N.

“I can turn my head to look behind while backing up the car. It’s easy – and it doesn’t hurt any more!” – L.T.

“This complements my yoga practice. I feel more flexible, even when I’m doing a back bend.” – E.M.

“I sleep better. I feel calmer, more relaxed, and better able to stay calm and relaxed through the day. I feel like I can face my day with more ease and focus. And my days are extremely stressful, so that’s saying a lot!” – L.A.

After months of suffering constant pain, I feel so much better after just a few visits. I feel less pain, less tension and stiffness, more energy, more flexibility, and more vitality. And it’s so gentle and relaxing, no cracking or popping.

I sleep better, wake up more easily and in a better mood, have more get up and go, and breathe more deeply.

My allergy suffering has decreased considerably. I experience fewer migraine headaches, and those that occur have less intensity. I walk more easily, with less pain and stiffness, and greater stability. I get less colds and flu in the winter. I am able to run again, which I have not done in a while due to too much discomfort.

I first came to Dr. Greig Andrews for pain and stiffness in my neck, shoulders and upper back. I was expecting to get cracked, and was a little anxious about that. I had received those kinds of adjustments before, and sometimes they hurt.

Well, first Greig told me that a lot of my pain and discomfort was related to tension from stress. I had not heard that, but it sure made sense to me!

Then, he began “adjusting” me. Well, it certainly wasn’t what I expected. No cracking. He said he could do that when necessary, but that it often was not, and that even when it was, it should never hurt. That sounded good to me.

The adjustment was very gentle, and so relaxing. I felt like my tension and stress, and the pain and stiffness related to it, began to melt away.

As I continued care, not only did my neck back and shoulders get looser and feel better, but my low back and hips felt less stiff, more flexible, and my occasional sinus headaches improved as well. My allergies affected me less.

And, I feel less anxious in general. I feel like, with less tension and stress in my body, I just feel less stressed by life. Now I sleep better, and wake up easier. I generally feel calmer. Life is still stressful, but I am not so overwhelmed by it all the time. And when I am, I go back to see Dr. Greig Andrews. And I bring my children in, when they have colds, headaches, or when they fall and get hurt. And kids these days have stress too, so they love getting adjusted with me!


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "The adjustment was very gentle, and so relaxing. I felt like my tension and stress, and the pain and stiffness related to it, began to melt away."